Personnel Builders Group provides services to the strategic management of human resources for sports and recreation centers, fitness clubs, swimming pools, facilities cosmetology business, beauty salons and businesses mixed format. We provide specific recommendations for each service, to help implement marketing, technical, human, managerial decisions and estimate their economic impact. Our primary goal is to improve efficiency and increase the investment attractiveness of your business. In our area of competence include:

  •     full range of HR,
  •     the construction of internal corporate training,
  •     development and implementation of authorized personnel management systems development,
  •     audit of the existing fitness clubs and SPA-salons
  •     operational management,
  •     marketing research.

One of the activities of PBG is the selection and development of talented young people, training of personnel reserve for the leading companies in accordance with the strategic goals of the customer. Tripartite responsibility of the customer, artist and staff for all aspects of training provides a triple quality control. Diagnosis and construction of strategic human resource management helps our partners in the selection of the best managerial and organizational decisions.

With every project we work individually. The recommendations are accompanied by a detailed description of the opportunities, risks and benefits. The components of the policy of our company - providing guarantees an adequate assessment of the cost of services and work on the result. We guarantee to preserve commercial confidentiality of the customer.

If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]

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