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In a constantly changing reality it is necessary to optimize and adopt company's strategic goals . This process often causes resistance from employees and, consequently, reduces loyalty, motivation and productivity of labor, increases staff turnover. As a result, problems with information security appear, and efficiency of the company goes down. PBG offers multipurpose services for your business: "Audit of current fitness club/SPA-salon" and "Operational project management." They allow to understand better and to competently use business technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness of existing companies and of startups.

"Audit of current fitness club/SPA-salon" includes the diagnosis and analysis of business processes for compliance with external circumstances, based on market specifics, competitive environment and consumer behavior. Based on the analysis, our company creates a system of specific recommendations. This allows us to determine the direction of company development or to make a decision to change the strategy. Analysis of club / salon  work includes:

  •  evaluation of current situation of the club / salon in general,
  • evaluation of technical condition of the premises and equipment, 
  • evaluation of the documentary and legal base, 
  • analysis of company price policy,
  • recognition of "financial holes" in the enterprise and reasons for their occurrence, 
  • evaluation of clientele specialties and prospects for its optimization, 
  • evaluation of work-units and the allocation of basic errors in each of them, 
  • evaluation of staff competencies in order to optimize the quantity and quality of personnel,formation of profile of training to improve individual performance of each employee, improving the system of motivation, formation of information flows of intra-and inter-group communications, enhance of staff loyalty based on recommendations of the internal PR for future changes. 

We work individually with each project. Based on analysis we make objective conclusions, we give practical advises, help with implementation of technical changes,changes in marketing, personnel and management.

The recommendations are accompanied by a detailed description of opportunities, risks and benefits, and is entirely dependent on the specific challenges facing your business. Volume and complexity of tasks influence on terms and cost of work. Free consultations about implemented changes are provided within one month.Remote consultation are available online. 

If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]

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