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Corporate University

In today's constantly changing environment without a well-established system of training the company ceases to be competitive. Education is an investment aimed at accelerated development of the company and achievement of competitive advantage.

The highest form of organization of knowledge management in the company is a corporate university. Education In it's framework is aimed not only at training, but also at the development of individual and intra-effectiveness of staff, coordination of complex processes of human relations and appreciation of certain behaviors.

PBG will help you create an effective system of internal corporate training. Our company specializes in training in all areas in the field of fitness, health and beauty:from short courses to higher education and from specialists to senior managers. The objects,for which we offer our services,are sports and recreation centers, fitness clubs, swimming pools, water parks, representatives of the cosmetology business, beauty salons, SPA -centers, hotels, and companies with mixed formats.

Both full-time and distant unique courses created within the walls of leading universities with assistance of the best specialists-practitioners. Each course is developed individually, based on a careful analysis of the company and is unique. We guarantee to keep commercial confidentiality of the customer. Tripartite responsibility of the customer, performer and teaching staff for all aspects of the course: optimization of the budget, program content, methodology, and documentation support, provides a triple quality control.

Additional advantages of the corporate university are:

  • Constant contact with both students and the educational institution,
  • The provision of direct influence on the content and the learning process,
  • The opportunity to teach not only internal employees but also to prepare the reserve, attracting talented students.

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