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Staff records management

Staff records management 


HR administration is a complex and time-consuming process that requires high competence of personnel services and associated with high costs and risks. To work with documentation of staff  HR professionals spend up to 60% of their time. 

Delegation of personnel matters to outsourced performer allows to release its own organizational, financial and human resources,so they can develop new tendency or concentrate on existing tasks. By that,increasing of efficiency of the enterprise can be achieved. 

The benefits of outsourcing are reduced costs, saving on taxes and the nominal wage per unit, division and partial transfer of risks to another company, increasing of investment attractiveness of the firm, which remains within the small business.

Automated system of personnel records, evaluations, training and development management of staff is developed by PBG specifically for the fitness industry, beauty and sports. It allows to combine business processes of personnel development management to a common information space, and also performs analysis and prognosis of situation in the company. This is necessary for operative and long-term planning resource management. Our company not only sells software, but also provides remote access to it or its individual modules.

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