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Outsourcing, outstaffing.

Any organization has to solve problems related to personnel management. Usually it is a specialty of recruitment agencies. Outsourcing is a process of contracting certain business processes of an organization to an independent service company specializing in the certain field.

Delegation of personnel matters to outsourced performer allows its own organizational, financial and human resources develop new tendency or concentrate on existing tasks. By that,increasing of efficiency of the enterprise can be achieved. The benefits of outsourcing are reduction of costs, saving on taxes and nominal wage per unit, division and partial transfer of risks to another company, raising of investment attractiveness of the firm, which remains within the small business.

Our company provides a full range of outsourcing services to work with personnel:

  • Selection and adaptation of personnel, 
  • staff document management, 
  • evaluation and certification of personnel,
  • training of personnel.


There is not always a strong necessity to hire new employees to company for its full functioning. Recruitment agency is able to temporarily employ staff while they can maintain their actual jobs and responsibilities. Depending on the nature of taxation, it will help to significantly reduce the real cost of hiring or get tax breaks for companies with a small staff state. 

The advantages of outstaffing are reduction of burden on the HR, reduction of staff costs, minimization of risks and delegation of responsibilities. Some companies outstaff the entire state except general director and chief accountant. This eliminates the need of filling in timesheets, employment work books and other documents related to HR outsourcing. 

By using outstaffing company can remain in the status of a small business, while increasing the number of employees actually employed. Formally, a small number of employees and relatively low costs for staff improve financial performance. This can be used as a tool to increase the investment value of the enterprise.

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