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Evaluation and Certification (internally and remotely)

The PBG company has created and developed an Author Software that allows to evaluate professional qualities and personal skills of fitness and beauty industry personnel.

Basic company services in the field of evaluation and certification of personnel:

  •  The development and construction of an effective system of evaluation and certification of personnel, personnel policy development,
  •  Evaluation of professional knowledge, personal qualities and corporate climate, identifying strengths and weaknesses of employees,
  •  Assessment of specialist compliance to certain position, employee's readiness to advancement,
  • Evaluation of the training needs of staff and subsequent control of effectiveness of training activities, 
  • remote evaluation of professional qualities and personal skills of fitness and beauty industry experts.

All test criteria for personnel are based on the professional argumentation:

  • Why introduce one or another criterion, what does it contribute?
  • What processes support this criterion?
  • Is the selected criteria reflects the essence of the process, we want to manage? Is the possibility of ambiguous interpretation of the results excluded?
  • What goals should be achieved? During what period?
  • How often to make an observation? Who is responsible for analysis of the causes and initialization of actions on the results of observation?
  • What actions can be taken on the basis of the data?

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