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Selection and adaptation of staff

The success of any enterprise is determined by the presence of an effective team. In this regard, it is very important:

  • to quickly compensate loss of personnel,
  • to minimize the risk of financial loss, if departure of key personnel happens, 
  • to provide an opportunity to develop the organization by targeted searches of staff capable of working on new directions for the company, 
  • to minimize the period of adaptation for experts in the new position.

PBG specializes in the selection and adaptation of staff in following spheres of action: sports and recreation centers, fitness clubs, swimming pools, cosmetology business facilities , beauty salons, hotels and individuals that are looking for home workers.

We use methodology that was specially developed for recruiting to value qualification skills and personal qualities of staff, that determines the success of various activities. Our database includes summary of current job seekers from all over the Russia. The use of authorized innovative technologies of remote evaluation allows to make the competition for the vacancy happen in a very short period of time . Company Personnel Builders Group will help young companies to quickly and seamlessly prepare for the opening, optimize staffing costs, reduce time to return on investment and payback periods. Recruitment job begins with completing an application on our website and ends when candidate passes probation period. Only after that our job is done. 

An important part of the selection of staff is a program of adaptation. It includes introduction of newly hired specialists to existing staff and their adaptation to new position. Our company provides both these services. In addition, the system of selection and adaptation of new staff used in PBG will allow you to get a trained professional, fully consistent with the needs of your business and current economic conditions (see "Corporate University").

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