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Line Manager (Supervisor) Fitness Department


Line Manager (Supervisor) Fitness Department

  • Date of event: 2012.05.21
  • Category: Fitness
  • Type: Training
  • Russia, Saint-Petersburg 

Purpose of the course. Preparation of Fitness Department Trainers to work in the office as a "line manager (supervisor) of a unit." Formation of knowledge and skills in management of department. The course is designed to train personnel reserve, professionals wishing to work as supervisors of units with group programs, gym, aquatic programs, children's fitness and to improve professional competence of working supervisors of fitness units.

 Topics that will be discussed:

  • The role and place of a line manager in the personnel management system.
  • The system of internal communications.
  • Social and psychological aspects of work with the staff.
  • Technology of line managers work in fitness units.
  • Quality control of the fitness trainers Department
  • Development Management of staff as main feature in the line manager.
  • Change Management.
  • Documentary and legal support of line managers fitness division.

Time and mode of training:  Term of training - 10 days - full-time form of training, 72 training hours, 6 - 8 hours per day, 5 (full-time) days by part-time form - 72 hours of training. Students will acquire knowledge of specific academic disciplines, in accordance with the curriculum. At the end of the course students get certificate of short-term professional development in a state approved format  (72-hour full-time and part-time).



course "Line Manager (Supervisor) Department of fitness department," 72 hours.

Name of the sections of disciplines:

1. The role and place of a line manager in the personnel management system.

1.1 The organizational structure and management system in the company.

1.2 The functions, rights and responsibilities of line managers.

1.3 Connection between business processes and their influence on the overall result, mistakes in the line manager work and their implications for business.

2. System of internal communications.

2.1 Intra-and inter-group communication, the specificity of interaction between departments, divisions and employees.

2.2 Subordination in communication, specifics of communication and understanding between line manager and subordinates.

2.3 Techniques of business conversations. Conduction of telephone conversations. Public performance.

3. Social and psychological aspects of work with the staff.

3.1 Recognition of individual characteristics when working with fitness staff.

3.2 Team Formation, choice of management style.

3.3 Psychological issues when working with staff.

3.4 Organizational conflicts when working with staff. Conflict management, behavioral strategy.

4. Work technology for  line managers of fitness departments.

4.1 Procedure for selection and adaptation of fitness trainers. 

4.2 Quality management, evaluation of effectiveness of trainer in fitness department. Management of decisions based on results of evaluation.

4.3 Targeted development of fitness trainers, formation of personnel reserve.

4.4 Motivation for effective operation of a fitness trainer departments.

4.5 Current and final detailed documentation of fitness department line manager

4.6 Information technology of personnel management.

TOTAL: 72 hours 

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