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In order to achieve success in one or another activity,  employee have to possess relevant knowledge, abilities, skills and personal qualities. Modern recruitment companies help not only to find a job, but to build a career in the field you are interested in.  

PBG task is to arrange good networking between customers' companies, working in the sports industry and in the world of beauty, and candidates, plus in development of talented young people. We help job seekers of different levels of preparation to receive job offers from strongest and most successful russian and foreign companies. Our agency provides an opportunity for students and graduates to find jobs and start their career quickly. Professionals who are interested in temporary employment will have a choice to work for a period of one week to several months.

To begin looking for a job please post your resume on our site.  By leaving your resume, you will automatically register in your private account. This allows you to see the number of responses made ,to edit the data, pass computer tests and distance learning for the profession that interests you.As soon as vacancies that match your experience and education appear , our specialists will contact you. All resumes received will be entered into an electronic database and stored there until your employment. The selection process usually consists of several stages.First step is a preliminary interview by phone,the purpose of which is to make an acquaintance with the candidate and to obtain information about his education, work experience, communication skills. The next step is a live interview. If there is a positive result after first two phases applicant will be offered to complete a test.The last step is when our company checks client's references and  makes a decision whether applicant and employer should be introduced to each other.

Please note that employers are looking not for the best,but for the most suitable candidate for certain position, who is able to achieve specific professional goals. Therefore, our specialist will contact you only when company has the job offer that suits your experience and meet employer requirements. All interactions with candidates in order to help them find a job are free of charge. The exception is e-learning and testing, if they are initiated by you, and are not associated with the consideration of your candidacy by the employer. 

If you are looking for a job in the field of fitness, beauty, sports industry,  please contact us: [email protected]

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